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2 years ago

Episode 9 - Restoring Justice

Marianna int pt 2 x Campus Sexual Assault pt 3

Episode Notes

"If you are the leader of a movement, you can't connect yourself only to only the outliers or you're going to miss out on the masses in the middle" - Marianna

Larry opens the episode by jumping right into the second part of his interview with Marianna. They continue their conversation and cover topics like: double standards between men and women, inappropriate behavior in the workplace, affirmative action and more!

Following the interview segment, Larry continues to drone on about sexual assualts on college campuses (thank you for your patience). In this episode he focuses on "restorative justice", a program spearheaded by Dr Mary Koss at the University of Arizona, a program called SHIFT that was started at Columbia University and summarizes the various approaches different colleges are taking.

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