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2 years ago

Episode 18 - Failure Is An Option

Nadia Anwar pt 2 x Les Moonves pt 2

Episode Notes

"Don't be afraid to fail, failing is how you learn."-Nadia Anwar

We apologize deeply for the hiatus, please send Will hate mail.

After a brief introduction from Larry, Will discusses some work he did with the artist Tala Madani and Larry asks for more engagement on the social media front. We now how a Soundcloud page and will be regularly posting short form content there and on Twitter.

Next up we hear from Nadia Anwar in the second part of her interview. She expands upon topics like fear of failure, encouraging collaboration over competition, issues concerning skin tone, coping with the pressures of being an actor and more.

Following the interview, Larry continues his main story on the sexual miscondut of Les Moonves the former CEO of CBS. In this piece which is drawn from Ronan Farrow's New Yorker articles, you'll hear the stories of: Linda Silverthorn, a former child actor named Kimberly, Illeana Douglas, Jessica Pallingston, Debrorah Kitay, Christine Peters and Debra Green.

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