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10 months ago

Episode 16 - Give Me A Break

Louis CK x Asia Argento x Mystery Guest

Episode Notes

“I have been compiling a database of the abuses of men in power and the systemic collusion that creates.” -Mystery Guest

Larry celebrates reaching 1,000 listens! We want to thank all of you for the support. Larry chats with Will briefly about catcalling and gives a summary of the episode.

The first story is focused on the return of Louis CK and the ramifications it has on stand up comedy.

Next up, Larry sits down with the mystery guess and is educated about first wave feminism.

Following that Larry delves into the allegations against Asia Argento and how it relates to the #MeToo movement.

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Twitter: (contrary to what Larry says in the podcast, @claritylarry is some random jerk. Some other jerks took @claritypodcast).

*We'd like to correct an error. Larry said that Argento and Bourdain paid Bennett, "three hundred and eighty hundred thousand dollars, when the real sum was $380,000. Will has been punished for his failures.

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