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2 years ago

Episode 20 - Ameritocracy?

Anne Gregory pt 2 x Military Industrial Complex

Episode Notes

"There's this false notion that you're going to be happy all the time as a mom and it's just not true." - Anne Gregory

What a run! Season 1 of Clarity ends here, I hope you all enjoyed it. Please rate us on iTunes or give us feedback via email or on Twitter.

After recapping the year with Will, Larry gets some help defining "Patriarchy". The second part of Anne's interview covers topics like: postpartum depression, raising childen while working in comedy and more lighthearted topics like how the concentration of wealth is damaging our society.

Anne has offered to be a resource for anyone going through postpartum depression and encourages us all to be more proactive about seeking help. She can be reached via email:

The main story covers a shocking development, female CEOs now dominate the military industrial complex!

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