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2 years ago

Episode 14 - Being Different

Feminism in China x Sarah Rose Reynolds int pt 1

Episode Notes

"Being different is what's making me successful!" - Sarah Rose Reynolds

First off, we apologize for the lack of a release schedule. Please bear with us, the next episode will hopefully be released in 3 weeks or less.

The main story concerns feminism in China. Larry explores a variety of perspectives and gives some context to what challenges the movement is facing from president Xi Jingping and his administration. Even #MeToo is being censored in China, we all need to help make sure activists have a voice.

Following that, Will takes the interviewer reins and sits down with Sarah Rose Reynolds to discuss topics like: her one person show "Squirrel", ADHD, whistling, creative pursuits, early education and astrology.

Afterwards, Larry wraps it all up and announces an exciting new endevour.

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